09 August 2019


Hopbell circa 1990

Several weeks ago I turned 70. I am no  longer the person shown in this photograph though I wish I could say much has changed; I've gained 30 pounds and I am no longer the "jaunty" man seen here in a moment of arrogance and "smart-assedness". I've grown old as we all must if we live to a certain age and through an uncertain world. 

I look at this man and wonder if I would like him now. My younger self could be volatile in argument but otherwise funny. My younger self knew everybody and told you so (I guess I still do); he drank too much; laughed loudly; picked up strangers he flirted with; worked long hours; read books like a fiend; ate gluttonously (hence the 30 pounds); and was loyal to his loyal friends. All of this I continue today (with the exception, I hasten to add, of picking up strangers) and I no longer work which makes me wonder if anyone can stand me for long. Lucky for me my husband seems to tolerate me for long periods.