09 August 2019


Hopbell circa 1990

Several weeks ago I turned 70. I am no  longer the person shown in this photograph though I wish I could say much has changed; I've gained 30 pounds and I am no longer the "jaunty" man seen here in a moment of arrogance and "smart-assedness". I've grown old as we all must if we live to a certain age and through an uncertain world. 

I look at this man and wonder if I would like him now. My younger self could be volatile in argument but otherwise funny. My younger self knew everybody and told you so (I guess I still do); he drank too much; laughed loudly; picked up strangers he flirted with; worked long hours; read books like a fiend; ate gluttonously (hence the 30 pounds); and was loyal to his loyal friends. All of this I continue today (with the exception, I hasten to add, of picking up strangers) and I no longer work which makes me wonder if anyone can stand me for long. Lucky for me my husband seems to tolerate me for long periods.


03 June 2017

My commonplace book...

This is the kind of notebook I've kept since I was 11 or 12. I have hundreds of them; I carry one of these everywhere I go. They are filled with my reading notes from books and articles as well as various lists and ideas and even conversations I over hear while I'm out and about. The notes aren't organized I just date the entries—which means I often find myself flipping through the pages reviewing what's in the book (I find it very comforting).

Sometimes I can't read my own writing. Here is a page of notes I made for an essay I was writing on photography.

19 May 2017

Boy on a Train—iPhone 2007

09 May 2017

Streets for People


Waiting on a Dreary Day


On Vermont

Stairway to Hell

Afternoon Walk...

Wieners in a Jar

van Gogh's Clogs 

Hopbell's Clogs (after van Gogh)