12 December 2019

12.12 Afternoon Update—16:45

Pretty quiet today. He's on some heavy pain killers that sort of knock him out but he did five hours of physical therapy on his right leg. Today the NP will take his catheter out and begin to prepare him to sit up in the next few weeks.

He remains in good spirits!

Be fierce and thrive...

12.12 Update—10:00

Henry had a good night and slept through most of it. This morning he had a good appetite and ate most of his breakfast. 

Today is his sister's birthday and he called and sang "Happy Birthday" to her...

Be fierce and thrive...


11 December 2019


It's been forty days...4 0  d a y s...

I am grateful that Henry is alive and he's alert. He's in good spirits and knows he's loved by so many people. He will survive this horrible accident and will thrive and be happy and dance again. My lovely husband and friend of thirty years will sing and laugh again and this will all be a distant memory...

Be fierce and thrive...!


12.11 Morning—08:35

After a lot of pain the pain killers set in and he slept fitfully through the night. This morning Henry had a good appetite and ate eggs, pancakes, and cereal. No more surgeries this week but he may go back for the skin graft sometime next week.

Be fierce and thrive...


10 December 2019

12.10 Morning Update—08:45

Henry will have some plastic surgery today to repack his deep wound on the left side and a skin graft on the wound on his right side. These are pretty quick operations to take place this afternoon sometime after 13:00. 

He slept OK last night but the powerful drug Methadone caused him to be delirious a bit and he complained to me he didn't like it. But he was alert enough to know what happened.

Yesterday the young resident Doctor David Gotstein stopped in and was amazed at how good Henry looked. He took great care of Henry while in the ICU for 20 days. Henry was all smiles.

Be fierce and thrive...

09 December 2019

12.09—Site Statistics

On 3 November I started reporting on Henry's status here to update his many friends all over the world on his condition after the accident on 1 November 2019. To date there have been 12,000 visitors of which 3,000 are unique and over 80,000 page views. Visitors are mostly from the USA but also The Netherlands, France, Spain, Mexico, Morocco, Romania, China, India, and Germany.

Most of the traffic comes from FaceBook and directly from Google. While I've tried to reach out to everyone in our contacts list, I fear there are many more of our friends who are not aware of his situation so I ask that you share the link to your FB account to spread the word to our many friends.

Many folks are praying, meditating, and chanting for Henry's speedy recovery. His spirit is strong but he has days when the pain from his injuries is too much to endure but he draws his strength from your thoughts and good wishes (he loves the videos you send and I hope you will send many more)!

Over the coming months I will continue to post here everyday while he recovers. Henry and I look forward to being able to visit with you all soon. 
Be fierce and thrive...!

—Ph/H (Philip)

12.09 Morning update—06:45

Very rough over night. Even though the doctors enhanced his pain medication he was in terrific pain in every part of his system. It was difficult not to be able to help him so I sat with him through the night. Today there will be more doctors and a quick meeting with the plastic surgeons. 

Updates as needed. 

Be fierce and thrive...


08 December 2019


Henry had a good appetite today and ate Eva’s pork roast with mashed potatoes and red cabbage and then a bowl of ice cream. I’m so glad he ate everything! 

Be fierce and thrive...

07 December 2019

12.07 End-of-Day—19:00

It was a good day and we are hoping for a better day tomorrow. Day by day...

Be fierce and thrive...


06 December 2019

12.06 End-of-Day—20:00

This was a trying day for Henry as the pain was very intense. The doctors operated on his bottom again debriding lots of debris from the very deep wound. It will heal but will remain painful for a time.

As always his spirit is strong and he is determined to recover fully. He smiles often and is alert when people speak to him. It's not time yet to visit but soon he will be ready to see folks.

As always,
Be fierce and thrive...

12.06 Status—09:00

The surgeons are ready to move Henry to the Pre-Op room. His surgery will take about an hour.

Be fierce and thrive...

05 December 2019

12.05 Update—19:00

Our nephew joined us today to help with Henry's recovery by motivation. He's going back into surgery tomorrow morning sometime after 10AM to clean out more debris in the infected wound. While he's not run a fever today he's in great pain and they hope to repack the deep wound.

We are going to sleep early tonight.

Be fierce and thrive...!

04 December 2019

12.04 Update—06:00

Surgery was over in an hour. He had a hole about 6cm deep and pretty wide. They cleaned out the dead tissue and packed it. There is a vacuum over the area now to drain it. 

He slept OK last night and he's being washed now. 

Be fierce and thrive

03 December 2019

12.03 Update—08:00

Surgery on the infected wound today at 13:30 PT. This should fix the fevers he has experienced for the passed week.

Be fierce and thrive...

02 December 2019

11.2—Evening Updae

The doctors will perform some surgery tomorrow morning to fix the infected area around his hip/thigh. He lost a lot of skin there and it's become infected.

Be fierce and thrive!

12.2 Update—11:00

Henry is eating well and going through intense therapy his right leg which can cause a lot of pain. He needs to do 5 hours a day.

His spirits continue to be good. 

Be fierce and thrive!

01 December 2019

Be Fierce and Thrive

Henry is fierce and he is thriving. He said to me today that he is happy and his spirits are good. It's evident in his appetite and willingness to participate in the physical therapy on his right leg. He's more talkative too even thought his voice is still weak—but getting stronger thanks to his vocal therapist, Paula.

It's been one month since the accident. He was in ICU for 21 days and in very critical condition for 18 of those days. Today he is thriving and will live and recover from this terrible accident. We are both grateful for you continued love and support.

He looks so handsome: today he got a shave and a good washing. 

Be fierce and thrive!

Sitting Outside...

When I take a coffee or food break I like sit in the bamboo garden between the North Tower and the Saperstein ICU. It's lovely and quiet in the evening: when the wind blows the bamboo plants there is a comforting rattle that calms me and helps me reflect. It's a nice spot few visitors know about and instead they sit in the rather dingy lobby/waiting rooms of the hospital. Even though the furniture is comfortable I still find these rooms oppressive and not good for me to get my mind at peace.

I've found there are lots of places where people can sit and reflect. There is a lot of public art around the various squares and plazas too; I like to walk around these spaces: being in the moment; listening to the sounds of a city alive with people and machines; I like to look at the staff and visitors hurrying to an appointment or work or to see a loved one. In these moments I try not to remember the past or plan for the future only the present moment; then I am released from pain.

Cedars-Sinai in Beverly Hills has some extraordinary pieces. This Is a Henry Moore and while I’m not the best judge of sculpture I really love this one. It’s called Three-part Reclining Figure. Of course Moore is one of the most important of the Post-War artists working in large scale bronze pieces.

Or this piece by Jonathon Borofsky, Molecule Man. Both of these pieces are in a garden of succulents and beach grasses. There are also little water fountains that are lighted with LEDs that change colors as the water gentle burbles like springs. Yesterday I made a short video of the fountains and the gardens. There are bamboo plants and desert grasses throughout the sculpture garden making it a comforting and healing environment. Many of these pieces are important works and all celebrate humanity and the human condition.

I also like to sit here in this space while having a late afternoon coffee...It's a beautiful useable sculpture and I've not been able to find out who designed it. There are a few places like this one and I often find myself alone in these spaces.  

There is also an extensive painting collection here on each of the floors in the towers. I've seen paintings and prints by Picasso and Oldenburg and many others. I'll document some of these pieces in another post.

Be fierce and thrive!

30 November 2019


Another good and productive day. Still much pain but his spirit is positive. This is day 30 in hospital...


29 November 2019


Thank you again for all the videos. He watched them all with the biggest smile on his face. His morale is very good and it amazes me that he is so positive. I think this is because of the love and support of his friends.

Today the leg is being exercised by a machine that lifts and bends his right leg for 6 hours at a time. Henry is eating better and taking in more protein calories which is a very good thing (as Martha Stewart would say...).

Be fierce and thrive...!

Trying to Comment? Do this...

Some folks are having trouble posting a comment. Here's what to do.

At the bottom left in tiny letters below my signature you will see a link that reads either: "No Comments" or "Comments" just move your cursor over that link and "click" on it. You will be taken to a page with a white box where you can write your comment. When you are finished "click" "Publish" and your comment will be available to everyone. 

I don't moderate this so do not leave any personal information like a phone number. I go through all the comments at the end of the day and read them out to Henry as needed. He loves hearing from you!

Be fierce and thrive!

28 November 2019

End of the Afternoon—16:50

Today is a lazy day (Henry says they must have given him blood from a lazy person yesterday!) I think it's the tranquilizer the doctors prescribed to help him manage the pain and stress.

He's had some calls and lots of videos from friends and family. The videos make him happy and reminds him about the many friends he has who wish him well. I, too, am thankful for all the love and support he's gotten these last four weeks. It's been 28 days since the accident that was nearly fatal and he is improved so much that even the trauma doctors are impressed. But we all know he is strong-willed.

Next week his (our) nephew, Quinton, will come out to help with his care and support. They are close and it will motivate further is recovery.

Be fierce and thrive, Henry West Foote!


We are Thankful!

Be fierce and thrive


Thanksgiving Day

We are thankful for our friends who have given us so much love. Henry is in good spirits today. His will is strong. 

Thank you for your loving support!

Be fierce and thrive...


27 November 2019

11.27 Update—07:30

Surgery went well! 
Yesterday Henry had surgery on his right knee/tibia and it went well. He is in a lot of pain but the doctors have a plan to help him manage. He also had a revision to his left leg: the doctors improved the area below the knee where the foot was amputated. He is doing very well and his spirits are very good.

I am not surprised by his positive attitude and that's what has gotten him this far. I am so grateful that he is alive!

Be fierce and thrive!


26 November 2019

11.26 Update—08:45

Henry will go into surgery between 11and 15hr today for a revision to the left leg amp. and to fix the right knee. He's in great spirits today and joked early this morning with doctors and his nurse, John. 

His pain levels go up and down and he's on three different pain medications to help him manage different pain sensations. He is eating more calories which is necessary to get the feeding tube removed and make him more comfortable. The next stage will be to check his neurology and make sure there is nothing else the needs the hospital. The various infections are being treated long term. There is no time frame when he will be released to rehab so today's operations will help give us some milestones.

Today I'm contacting the police and working on the insurance forms for EDD. 

Keep sending me videos for him to watch, he loves seeing all of you and it makes him smile. 

I'll update later with surgery status.


25 November 2019

11.25 Update—09:50

Henry had a good night sleeping but will probably sleep most of the day as well. The pain medicine is very strong and it knocks him out.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) doctors will work on his right knee. He won't be able to put weight on it for at least 6 weeks. 

This Thanksgiving please remember him and be thankful he's alive!

—Ph/H (Philip)

24 November 2019

So Many Thanks...

Thank you so very much for all the great videos being sent to Henry. I showed him a batch today and he was smiling ear to ear and saying hi back and thank you!!

Thank you for your healing kindness!

Tomorrow is another day. Remember to say: Please and Thank you...


23 November 2019

Make a Video—15:45

Henry got to talk with his mom yesterday and it did both of them a lot of good to reassure each other of their love; today his great friend Kenya Winchell sent him a video greeting and expressed her love and support for him. His eyes were focused completely on her image and his smile was electric. 

I encourage you to make a short video to wish him well and speedy recovery until he can take more visitors . Tell him you love him. These messages are the most important part of his day and they are easy to make and send to me via WhatsApp or directly to my phone. This is preferable to a phone call right now as we can't control when he's ready to take a call but a video can be played anytime... 

—Ph/H (Philip)

23 November—10:00

Henry ate a little last evening and had some sips of Boost this morning. He had a difficult night due to the pain and today the doctors are increasing pain medication.

I'm hoping he gets a little more solid food today. No word on the next surgery on his right leg which is the cause of much of his pain.

This morning a nice young lady came by and played the violin for him and he enjoyed it. He also greatly enjoyed a video from his BFF Kenya in Ibiza...he smiled the whole time and watched it twice. He likes videos and you can send short ones to me and I'll show them to him.


22 November 2019

Evening Uodate—16:18

Tonight he will eat the first food and drink in 21 days! He will have to swallow and it's very difficult. The food will be chopped like hash so he can eat it. 

Text or call +1 323 578 4366


Henry's surgery was successful. I won't go into details but it is certainly life changing for him and us. He is very positive and very strong...he smiles and engages with his medical team.

Today was speech therapy and swallow exercises. He's still in a great deal of discomfort to say the least.

Later updates as needed.


21 November 2019

Short Update—09:40

He will go in for surgery on his left foot this afternoon probably around 14hr00. 

He resting in a new room and they are taking steps to relieve his delirium which comes and goes. This is the residue of ICU Delirium caused by medications, lack of daylight and night signals, as well as sleep deprivation caused by the many tests and wakeups in during the night and day. I always tell him what time it is and in the new room he has a window where he can see daylight and the night sky. The next big thing is to get him eating and drinking by mouth. The breathing tubes were down his throat for 14 days which causes issues with swallowing. 

I'll update after the surgery...


20 November 2019


Surgery went well on his right hip. Tomorrow is surgery on his left foot and maybe his right leg. Henry's spirit is very good and he's positive about his future. I don't see him depressed or worried and for that I am grateful—I doubt I would be as positive or strong.


19 November 2019

Surgery Update—14:55

Henry is coming out of surgery. They fixed the hip but the right knee was still too swollen for surgery. Hopefully on Thursday the swelling will be down. 

Doctor said he is doing fine.


Morning Update before Surgery—09:15

The surgery yesterday was very successful and his temperature is down to 99 this morning. 

At 11 today he will go into surgery for his right knee and hip.

His spirits are good!


18 November 2019

Afternoon Update—14:15

The nursing staff and doctors spent most of today preparing him for the VAT surgery this afternoon. It should take about two hours I imagine. He's scheduled for 16:30 PST.

The professional medical staff at Cedars is far superior to any group of nurses and doctors I've experienced. They are giving him the best care possible. 

He asked today that I read some short stories to him and I picked the James Baldwin collection "Going to Meet the Man" which is a great set of stories.



Henry is doing much better. Doctor Bluen just told us the MRCA is cleared from his blood and they will mostly knock any Staph infection out with the pulmonary procedure today (though he will continue on his antibiotics for some time to come.

He's also taking charge of his care and I'm happy to see this because it means to me that he is back to managing his life. He's resting today to prepare for the surgery today and tomorrow; his temperature is down to 100-101.

I am greatly encouraged...

Today I'll read some of the many comments and messages he's received over the last 15 days. Thank you for commenting and caring for Henry. Please keep him top of mind until he fully recovers.

—Ph/H (Philip)

17 November 2019


It's past noon and he's sleeping easily. He's had the doctors visit and they are still ready to perform the pulmonary procedure tomorrow sometime which will hopefully reduce the fever by eliminating the infection.

Thank you to everyone for you continued loving support of Henry. As I've mentioned before he would prefer no visitors for the time being.

—Ph/H (Philip)

Morning Update—9:10

Henry is resting. He's a little listless today from the fever he had all day yesterday but it's down to 100 this morning. Later we will do some breathing exercises to strengthen his lungs.

All is well. 


16 November 2019

Quick Morning Update—09:50

Henry is resting and anxious to take control of things. But he's alert and has a sense of humor...He just said he wanted to see if he could walk and we had to show him what his legs look like. I had to laugh at his spunky attitude!


15 November 2019


Henry is in very good spirits and can whisper/talk now that the breathing tube is gone. 

Text or call +1 323 578 4366


The breathing tube was removed this morning. Henry is doing much better and is managing the pain. He still can't talk but he can whisper. His voice will come back soon.

He asks that you comment here as he's not ready to have visitors.

Thank you for your loving support of Henry...

—Ph/H (Philip)

Morning Update—09:25

Henry's surgery on his left leg and wrist went well yesterday. He'll go back to surgery next week on Tuesday for his right leg and hip. He's very alert and we are now waiting for the breathing tube to be removed from his throat which will help his morale. 

Once again, the staff here at Cedars is the best! He has great ICU doctors and nurses.

Updates as needed today...


14 November 2019


Henry is out of surgery. Everything went well. Next surgery will be next week. 

Text or call +1 323 578 4366


Henry went into surgery about two hours ago. So far all is well. 

Text or call +1 323 578 4366

Update: 14:05

Waiting for the surgeons to be ready. 

Text or call +1 323 578 4366

13 November 2019

Afternoon Update: 15:30

Henry has slept all afternoon and continues to sleep. I'm sitting with him in his room reading a book. When he wants something he stares at me until I look up. 

Surgery is still on for tomorrow. 

I'll update if there is any change. 



Henry is awake and alert. He's resting today and getting weened off the respirator for surgery tomorrow. 


12 November 2019

Update: 15:08

He's resting and drifting in and out right now. I put my ear buds in his ears and I'm playing some Brian Eno ambient for him (Music for Installations—which  plays in my flat everyday)

His temperature is coming down as is he's blood pressure. 


Morning Update—10:14 PST

Henry will not have surgery today after all. The doctor decided that there was too much congestion in the lungs. It is being rescheduled for Thursday.

Further updates will come this afternoon.


11 November 2019

Last Update for Tonight

Henry can't talk of course because he has breathing tubes down his throat but I talked with him for about 45 minutes and he reacted to me with surprised eyes, nodding and shaking head, and a shrug of the shoulders.

 I am so happy he's back and it appears he will soon be on the road to recovery.

Tomorrow he has surgery and hopefully the tubes will come out and after a fews hours he will be able to talk.

Our friend Maureen told me every morning she lefts her arms to the world and says, "Please" and every night she bows her head and puts her hands together and says, "Thank you." This is the attitude I've had for the last 10 days and will be the attitude for the rest of my life.

Tomorrow is another day, not promised but hoped for...

—Ph/H (Philip)

Update 11:58 PST

Henry is set for surgery on his legs and hip tomorrow if he can breathe on his own. Once the breathing apparatus comes out today (if) then they will schedule.


Good Progress

Henry is alert and interacting with the staff and me. I talked with him several times and he could nod and shrug and shake his head to questions. I am greatly relieved.

Today he will have the breathing apparatus removed after making sure he can breathe on his own. Tomorrow we hope they will be able to do surgery on his legs and hip.

I'll have additional information and updates later this afternoon. 


10 November 2019

Morning Update

Henry had a restless morning and is agitated. There is a lot of stimulation in his brain with the pain and aftermath of the accident. I've left him alone and will go back in an hour or so to see if he's calmed down. 

Meanwhile our friend Carole sends these photographs from Paris and quartier Saint-Ambroise of the church of Saint Ambroise. She lighted candles for Henry and sends her love...

I'll post in a little while.


Candles at Saint Ambroise

Window from Saint Ambroise

09 November 2019

End of Day Status

Good day overall. Henry responded to my questions. But his pain and confusion is so great they put him back on pain killers. 

Tomorrow is another day...


Afternoon Update:14:45

I saw with my own eyes Henry respond to my questions today. Dr. Hashim saw this as well and the team decided to put him back on Fentanyl in order to help him with the pain he experiences when we need to see him respond. So for another day he will be on a Fentanyl drip.

He's agitated when awake and it was explained to me this is from the extraordinary amount of brain activity: pain and restraint mostly. It's a lot for him to process and I can't even begin to understand what he's going through. I don't know if when I touch his head it just adds more confusion to his experience or not. Sometimes it seems to calm him but when I asked him if he wanted me to hold his hand he shook his head, no. 

It's OK. I'm used to being told no...


Buddhist shrine with Gohonzon in Butsadon

Perpetual light and chants. 🕉

Prayers and Chants; Crystals and Meditations...

I receive lots of texts and e-mails everyday from Henry's friends who are part of a Chant Circle (thousands of them) or a Prayer Circle in a Church; their are friends who are meditating healing and loving kindness for him and there is at least one and perhaps many more healing crystals set up for Henry all over the world.

I'm not surprise by this response. I told his doctor that everyone who meets Henry comes to believe that they are his best friend. I don't mind this because it's why I fell in love with him 30 years ago. In our travels and his associations we've met hundreds of people we consider friends and I welcome everyone to continue whatever they feel the Cosmos needs to heal him. 

His family is being updated regularly outside this website and they are actively involved with me to make sure he recovers. His employer, The Dorchester Group and the Hotel Beverly Hills are simply the best and I am grateful for their support.

Please feel free to write to him here and I will read your comments and poems to him.

Thank you again for your loving and kind support.


Saturday Morning Update

Henry rested last night and this morning his doctor (Dr Hashim) decided to reduce and eventually take him off Fentanyl altogether. This will allow the medical staff to test his ability to interact with their requests. With his pelvis fixed and healing he will be in a little less pain. 

The white hairs of his beard are growing in and he would hate for anyone to see his grey hair!

I'll have another update in a few hours. Meanwhile here is a photo from his great friend/sister Kenya Belle from Ibiza...
A crystal alter in Ibiza—Kenya Belle

08 November 2019

Surgery Update

He's in the ICU. Robin and I saw him and the doctor explained that they fixed his pelvis with a platinum mesh. The legs will have to wait for another surgery perhaps next week. He has a fever after surgery and they are giving him meds for that and weaning him off the pain meds so we can wake him. I'll have a better update later. But this is big step forward. 

Text or call +1 323 578 4366

Posting Rules

All posts to Henry are welcome. I will read them to him when he is able to comprehend...Please don't post other folk's e-mail or phone number on this blog. The site gets thousands of visitors and I certainly don't want family and friends spammed with calls. My number can be found in some posts and that's OK. I want you to text me if that makes you feel comforted. I know everything you do is out of love for Henry and I assure you everything is being done for his benefit. 

I encourage you to post here first!



Henry is going into surgery now for his broken legs, pelvis, and hip. It will take about 5 maybe 6 hours. 

Text or call +1 323 578 4366

07 November 2019

Thank You!

Grateful thanks to Henry's and my beloved friends Kenya Belle, August Costa, Michael Costa, Eva Winchell, Pirco Pirco, Jean Kim, Liam Gaffney, Tim Calton, and his wonderful sisters, Robin, Tiajuana, Tanya, Demitria, his mother BI and his many nephews and nieces and a special thanks to Quinton who helped me today and loving thanks to Karen Roth who knows us and loves us (and to Theo for his room). 

Prayers, Chants, and Crystals are all welcome...This old man thanks you with tears of gratitude. In my eyes you all are so precious.


Last UpDate Today...

Henry had several CT scans. He's resting comfortably now but not awake.

Tomorrow is bone surgery on his pelvis, hip, as well as right and left leg to put pins and plates in place. It will be an operation of about 4-6 hours if all goes well.

I will do more updates tomorrow. 

As always please comment; I read them to him even if he can't hear me (though I think he does). Also please remember there is a restricted visitors list and you should never call the ICU to ask for his condition as it pulls the nurses away from his care. You can find my number on this website or comment. Also, no flowers or fruit baskets please as they are not allowed on ICU. 

Love to all
—Ph/H (Philip)

Henry is a Master Pastry Chef...

Here are some great photos of Henry and his co-workers sent to us by one of them. I always loved the joy he has when baking and I am amazed that he never ate any of it. When we would go out for dinner to a new restaurant he would order three of four desserts but only have a tiny spoonful of each and I would have to eat most of it or tear it apart so the Chef wouldn't think we didn't like it. Frankly Henry mostly thinks everything in the US is too sweet...

Henry studied with a Master Baker, George LeGrand, in Atlanta while he attended Morehouse where he got a degree in Computer Science and Dance (!!). He's been baking for nearly 40 years...

Morning Update

Status: He had a restless night and the doctor increased the pain med so he would be more comfortable. They are going to perform another CT scan to see if there are any blood clots.

I'll update this site in a little while once I have more information. I know Henry appreciates your love and support as do I.

Please don't just show up and expect to visit. We aren't allowing visitors outside of family at this time. He's not awake and the activity is stressful. I'll let you know here when visiting is possible and helpful.

with love,

06 November 2019

Evening Update and Request...

Henry is resting. The doctor put him back on full ventilator so he can have a rest breathing (he was getting tired). As soon as tomorrow the orthopedic surgeons will have a go on his legs, pelvis, and hip and try to secure everything internally. I'll speak with them later today. 

That's about all I have for now. I'm sitting with him now and giving love. 

BTW, please don't call the hospital for updates as they won't give you any information. Some folks have called and lied that they were his sister, or even brother (he has no brother). Its unfair to the hospital staff to have to deal with strangers calling constantly. 

Text or call +1 323 578 4366

Morning Status...

He had a good evening and has had two additional CT scans on his left are and hip. He was off the respirator (he's back on it now) and they fed him via a tube.

The next step is to perform an MRI of his head to determine if there are any problems there. He can move his right arm and turn his head and some movement in his legs but they are strapped down to keep them straight.

I'll have more information after we know they can perform the MRI.


05 November 2019

Final update today...

Good day overall.

Henry was taken off Propofol and is being prepared to breathe on his own; tonight they will feed him for the first time through a feeding tube. I only hope it's confit de canard with potatoes fried in duck fat along with a good red—but I doubt it.

At 2030hrs they will take him in for another CT scan of his arm to access the damage (his wrist is broken) and that should be the end of the procedures tonight.

I don't encourage visiting right now and so I've made a visitors list with family and a few close friends who are supporting Henry and me during this time. Too many visitors is stressing him out and frankly getting in the way of the medical professionals. Henry has hundreds of friends all over the world and I am sensitive to your need to see him but I ask for some patience and I'll make sure folks know when he is ready. Please feel free to text me or leave a comment and I'll address your concerns and answer your questions. Please do not call the hospital and ask for his status: they won't give it to you. 

Thank you to everybody for your loving kindness and support. 
—Ph/H (Philip)

Happy pix...

While we're waiting for another update, here are some happy photos I took of Henry this September...

Ibiza 2019—With one of his oldest and best friends/sister, Kenya Belle at
Ses Roques Restaurant

Paris 2019—All you can eat Chinese Food...We did not partake!