29 March 2020

03.29—Day 150

Outside Henry's room...
I visited Henry at CRI on Friday and found this outside his room. It means that he can manage getting in and out of his bed and wheelchair on his own as well as use the toilet and dress himself. This is progress toward being independent for Henry and I am so proud of his accomplishments! 

Quinton and I saw Henry walk fifty feet with a walking frame and walk up some stairs on his own. He is nearing the point when he can come home...soon. We are going to ask for an additional week but if the insurance doesn't approve everyone is fine with him coming home this week. I am so happy!! Soon he will begin to live in his own flat and take rehabilitation there as well as outpatient rehab once the sheltering is over. It's been 150 days since the accident that nearly took his life and changed it so much. It is astonishing that after just 5 months he is beginning to walk and take care of himself. If you saw what I saw on November 1 when I thought, and lots of people told me, it would take a year for him to even stand up, you would be amazed as well. His injuries were so great that to even think he would recover was hard to imagine. But he is recovering.

Your phone calls and FaceTime chats really help him through this very tough and lonely time. None of us can visit whenever we want and contact is limited. He is working hard on improving but he wants and needs human contact even if by phone. Thank you for reaching out to him during this crises and sheltering. 

Stay safe and stay away from groups of people.

Be fierce and thrive!

23 March 2020

03.23—Eight Steps Up

Few of us consider climbing stairs an accomplishment; today Henry climbed eight without help from his therapist and that is a great accomplishment. I am beyond happy—and so is he. To get to his apartment there are 14 stairs that he will have to climb and I am excited he is so close to moving back home.

The Institute has requested another week of therapy from the insurance company and we hope they will approve as it will put Henry on a path to success. His proposed release date is now 2 April. He will celebrate his birthday at California Rehabilitation Institute and I hope they will let me be there with him.

Be fierce and thrive...

22 March 2020

03.22—Staying Home

My work space today...
I don't go out for anything except for a walk in the morning or late afternoon. Of course Henry is also confined and very bored. Your calls help him. We FaceTime several times during the day and text back and forth often. I spend my day documenting his progress: writing about his and my journey since that first day in November 2019. This weblog is part of that document; the other part is the journal I've been keeping since that day. Eventually they will be published together as one narrative that examines not only our journey together but also the state of the nursing and hospital system that while healing can also be dehumanizing to both patient and family.

Last week at California Rehabilitation Institute Henry was able to walk down the hall on his prosthetic leg with the aid of a walker frame several times. He is also now able to sit up in bed on his own and move to an arm chair in his room without the aid of a nurse. I am very proud of his determination and strong resolve to get his life back. In a short time he will be able to go back to his home and begin the next phase of his journey: to reclaim his life. We are determined to live happily-ever-after. I am grateful for your loving and kind support of our life together. We have a ways to go yet but we are looking forward to being with our friends and family once again.

The COVID-19 virus is still running its way through the world and with each day we see many more deaths and infections. I urge you all to shelter in place and be tender to each other.

Stay fierce and thrive...


18 March 2020


California Rehabilitation Institute has stopped all visiting to all patients in response to the COVID-19 crises. Henry is able to take calls and I FaceTime him several times a day.

His new release date is set for 26 March or sometime thereafter depending on his condition and progress. He's been experiencing a lot of night pain and the doctor is working on his pain management. 

Henry is asking for reading material (magazines, light reading, etc) that can be delivered to the desk at California Rehabilitation Institute at 2070 Century Park East, Los Angeles, CA 90067. Keep it light.

I am staying in my flat in Los Feliz and am busy writing and reading. Please keep safe all our friends and family are in our thoughts every day.

Stay fierce and thrive...


15 March 2020


California Rehabilitation Institute has changed the policy for visitation during the COVID-19 outbreak. At this time only one visitor per day to any patient and only between the hours of 5PM and 8PM. Visitors will be screened and you can not touch Henry. If you want to visit him please reach out to me first as I will try to see him on a regular basis and as they are restricting visits to only ONE PER DAY you may not be able to see him. Naturally, we are sad about this but it is for the safety of the patients and staff.

If you would like to learn more about COVID-19 I highly recommend this article sent to me by Pirco (hat tip). It's simply the best explanation of the virus and where these viruses come from in general. Read it here and please keep yourselves safe.

Here is the link to the article: COVID-19

Remain fierce and thrive...

12 March 2020

03.12—Staying Home Today

Chartreuse Medicine
Henry and I decided I would stay at home today and visit by way of FaceTime later. Mostly this is to limit travel for me and possible exposure as well as to limit our Uber expenses. He's so much stronger now and while I don't like not being with him constantly I am comfortable that he will be alright alone. I miss him terribly when I am not with him. I'll see him tomorrow and travel with him to Cedars-Sinai for an appointment with his orthopedic surgeon, Dr Moon. We hope to talk with him about his strategy for Henry's left hip and knee.

We are both concerned about the Covid-19 virus and hope all our friends here in the US, Europe, and Asia keep safe and well. If you plan on visiting Henry please monitor your health before your visit and do not kiss him or hold him. His health is my primary concern and we don't want to expose him to anything that will make him sick.

Be fierce and thrive...


10 March 2020

03.10—Less Worry...

Yesterday Henry and I went to Cedars for a CT-Scan of his left hip to determine whether the infection he developed is superficial or deeper. Today the scan came back clean though the wounds are still not healed. The infection is superficial and he can take the antibiotics orally instead of the painful IV treatments he has had to endure. His stool tests came back with no sign of infection as well and he is no longer required to be in isolation. His mood is very much changed for the better and we both cried with relief.

Today he has his normal physical therapy sessions. On Friday we go back to Cedars for an appointment with his orthopedic surgeon to evaluate his left thigh and amputation site. 

Be fierce and thrive...

08 March 2020

03.08—Home Alone...

My sitting room—Los Feliz
I've moved back to my own flat and I'll travel to California Rehab from here everyday to see Henry. I needed to bring some normalcy to my life even though we are a long way from normal at this point. Being around my stuff and sleeping in my own bed is a comfort. But I can't wait until Henry is home as well.

I'm about to leave and go over to Century City today to spend the day with him and I'll sleep overnight so I can travel to Cedars tomorrow with him. 

Be fierce and thrive, my Love...!


06 March 2020

03.06—Brief Update

The plaza at California Rehabilitation Institute
Henry's stay at California Rehab may be extended for awhile. His doctor is concerned about the reoccurring infection in his left hip. On Monday morning we will go back to Cedars-Sinai for a CT-Scan of the area to figure out the nature of the infection. But otherwise he looks and feels good. Henry is sleeping better and he is getting stronger with more range of motion in his right leg. 

I am moving on Saturday from the beautiful villa on Carla Ridge back to my flat on Los Feliz. I decided to do this because I too want to get back to a normal routine so when Henry is home we can pick up easily and move forward. But I can't lie: I will miss this wonderful place and I am ever so grateful to Karen Roth for her generosity. I am feeling much better now and there doesn't appear to be any lasting issues from my surgery. 

Be fierce and thrive...

03 March 2020

03.03—We Are Fierce and Thriving

Today is a writing day for me. I'm also catching up on the stressful filing of insurance forms...but mostly catching up on the book.

I saw Henry yesterday and he looks great. He was pretty sore from his workout but got through the afternoon workout like he always does. He said this morning that he slept well and without pain. 

He's using the prosthetic leg as part of the therapy and is beginning to stand and even use a step. His right leg still needs a lot of work to strengthen the muscles but he's improving with each day: he's gaining strength in his left arm and the bending of his left knee is greatly improved. I'm so proud of him.

My health is improving. I see the attending physician later this week and I am sure everything will be fine. I want to get back to seeing Henry on a daily basis as soon as I can but I tire easily. I am moving back to my own flat on Saturday and I am very grateful to Karen Roth, in whose home I have been staying off and on since November, for letting me use the villa as my camp ground. I don't know if Henry will be ready to return home on 12 March but when he is ready his home will be ready to receive him.

Be fierce and thrive...