06 March 2020

03.06—Brief Update

The plaza at California Rehabilitation Institute
Henry's stay at California Rehab may be extended for awhile. His doctor is concerned about the reoccurring infection in his left hip. On Monday morning we will go back to Cedars-Sinai for a CT-Scan of the area to figure out the nature of the infection. But otherwise he looks and feels good. Henry is sleeping better and he is getting stronger with more range of motion in his right leg. 

I am moving on Saturday from the beautiful villa on Carla Ridge back to my flat on Los Feliz. I decided to do this because I too want to get back to a normal routine so when Henry is home we can pick up easily and move forward. But I can't lie: I will miss this wonderful place and I am ever so grateful to Karen Roth for her generosity. I am feeling much better now and there doesn't appear to be any lasting issues from my surgery. 

Be fierce and thrive...

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  1. Tania Thompson7/3/20 07:03

    That's too bad about that pesky infection. Otherwise, sounds like things are progressing nicely. Glad to hear you are on the mend and feeling better after surgery. Please give Henry a squeeze from me & tell him, I love him dearly and that I admire his bravery to heal himself even when it hurts, especially when it hurts. XOXOXO


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