03 March 2020

03.03—We Are Fierce and Thriving

Today is a writing day for me. I'm also catching up on the stressful filing of insurance forms...but mostly catching up on the book.

I saw Henry yesterday and he looks great. He was pretty sore from his workout but got through the afternoon workout like he always does. He said this morning that he slept well and without pain. 

He's using the prosthetic leg as part of the therapy and is beginning to stand and even use a step. His right leg still needs a lot of work to strengthen the muscles but he's improving with each day: he's gaining strength in his left arm and the bending of his left knee is greatly improved. I'm so proud of him.

My health is improving. I see the attending physician later this week and I am sure everything will be fine. I want to get back to seeing Henry on a daily basis as soon as I can but I tire easily. I am moving back to my own flat on Saturday and I am very grateful to Karen Roth, in whose home I have been staying off and on since November, for letting me use the villa as my camp ground. I don't know if Henry will be ready to return home on 12 March but when he is ready his home will be ready to receive him.

Be fierce and thrive...


  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to keep all of Henry's friends/family updated with his progress! I'm so glad to hear he is doing much better!! I think of him often and send him nothing but love and positive/healing thoughts. Glad you both have each other. ❤️
    Also, I'm sorry to hear about your emergency surgery, but happy to hear you are doing well now!!

  2. I will continue my prayers for both of you! Jig this is our bday month, I am praying that you are home and moving around comfortable by your birthday 🎂! Continue pushing you got this! I’m so proud of you. Philip you are a jewel , please take care and hope you are getting back to your happy self as well.

  3. Dear Philip,
    I’m happy things are looking up for Henry and you. I wish I had been there after your appendectomy so I could have made you laugh like you and Dennis did to me after mine years ago. I wish 2020 to be a year of full recovery and joy for both of you. Be fierce and thrive my friend. Love, Eva


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