26 February 2020


Henry's time at California Rehabilitation Institute is very positive; everything from the atmosphere to the great attentive nursing staff and the strong presence of the therapy team all add to his recovery. A good sign of this is his proposed release date is 12 March if he is ready. This means home and we are very happy!!

My room at Cedars
On another note: I had an emergency appendectomy on Saturday and I am now recovering at my friend Karen's house in Beverly Hills. I am grateful as always for the many friends who supported me while I was in the hospital: Pirco and Jean; Jennifer and David; and Cliff and Vicki who were the faces I saw when I woke up. I was operated on by Dr. Singer who was one of the attending doctors who saved Henry. He remembered me and assured me he would take good care of me.

I haven't been able to see Henry for a few days and it's the worst part of this. We both depend on each other for everything. We talk daily and text often. I hope to be able to rally and see him tomorrow. 

More another day...

Be fierce and thrive!


  1. Anonymous26/2/20 15:44

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  2. Tania Thompson28/2/20 15:01

    Wow, an emergency appendectomy to boot?! Incredible challenges you both are going through, both physically and emotionally. You guys are soldiering through this tough time and one day you'll look back in amazement. I guess the best thing about the worst time of your lives is that you get to see just how much your friends really love ya. Keep moving forward fellas. Henry is so close to being home and this fills my heart with so much joy! OXOXOXO Tania


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