18 March 2020


California Rehabilitation Institute has stopped all visiting to all patients in response to the COVID-19 crises. Henry is able to take calls and I FaceTime him several times a day.

His new release date is set for 26 March or sometime thereafter depending on his condition and progress. He's been experiencing a lot of night pain and the doctor is working on his pain management. 

Henry is asking for reading material (magazines, light reading, etc) that can be delivered to the desk at California Rehabilitation Institute at 2070 Century Park East, Los Angeles, CA 90067. Keep it light.

I am staying in my flat in Los Feliz and am busy writing and reading. Please keep safe all our friends and family are in our thoughts every day.

Stay fierce and thrive...



  1. Glad you both are doing better, This CV-19 is getting more crazy every day! Henry hang in there buddy hopefully this will be over soon and you will be home. Love y’all. Stay safe.

  2. Tania Thompson21/3/20 14:20

    They can't be too careful. I'm glad to hear they are taking these precautions. I hope they can manage Henry's pain better, poor fella. I send my love and undying devotion. XOXOXOXO

    Tania Thompson


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