12 March 2020

03.12—Staying Home Today

Chartreuse Medicine
Henry and I decided I would stay at home today and visit by way of FaceTime later. Mostly this is to limit travel for me and possible exposure as well as to limit our Uber expenses. He's so much stronger now and while I don't like not being with him constantly I am comfortable that he will be alright alone. I miss him terribly when I am not with him. I'll see him tomorrow and travel with him to Cedars-Sinai for an appointment with his orthopedic surgeon, Dr Moon. We hope to talk with him about his strategy for Henry's left hip and knee.

We are both concerned about the Covid-19 virus and hope all our friends here in the US, Europe, and Asia keep safe and well. If you plan on visiting Henry please monitor your health before your visit and do not kiss him or hold him. His health is my primary concern and we don't want to expose him to anything that will make him sick.

Be fierce and thrive...



  1. Anonymous13/3/20 10:45

    Enjoy your brandy. I am glad that Henry's progressing. I hope his upcoming ortho consult gives you both some positive feedback. ~ Carrie L

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    1. Thank you for the positive comment! Henry is doing so much better now.


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