26 November 2019

11.26 Update—08:45

Henry will go into surgery between 11and 15hr today for a revision to the left leg amp. and to fix the right knee. He's in great spirits today and joked early this morning with doctors and his nurse, John. 

His pain levels go up and down and he's on three different pain medications to help him manage different pain sensations. He is eating more calories which is necessary to get the feeding tube removed and make him more comfortable. The next stage will be to check his neurology and make sure there is nothing else the needs the hospital. The various infections are being treated long term. There is no time frame when he will be released to rehab so today's operations will help give us some milestones.

Today I'm contacting the police and working on the insurance forms for EDD. 

Keep sending me videos for him to watch, he loves seeing all of you and it makes him smile. 

I'll update later with surgery status.


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