09 November 2019

Afternoon Update:14:45

I saw with my own eyes Henry respond to my questions today. Dr. Hashim saw this as well and the team decided to put him back on Fentanyl in order to help him with the pain he experiences when we need to see him respond. So for another day he will be on a Fentanyl drip.

He's agitated when awake and it was explained to me this is from the extraordinary amount of brain activity: pain and restraint mostly. It's a lot for him to process and I can't even begin to understand what he's going through. I don't know if when I touch his head it just adds more confusion to his experience or not. Sometimes it seems to calm him but when I asked him if he wanted me to hold his hand he shook his head, no. 

It's OK. I'm used to being told no...


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