28 November 2019

End of the Afternoon—16:50

Today is a lazy day (Henry says they must have given him blood from a lazy person yesterday!) I think it's the tranquilizer the doctors prescribed to help him manage the pain and stress.

He's had some calls and lots of videos from friends and family. The videos make him happy and reminds him about the many friends he has who wish him well. I, too, am thankful for all the love and support he's gotten these last four weeks. It's been 28 days since the accident that was nearly fatal and he is improved so much that even the trauma doctors are impressed. But we all know he is strong-willed.

Next week his (our) nephew, Quinton, will come out to help with his care and support. They are close and it will motivate further is recovery.

Be fierce and thrive, Henry West Foote!


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