07 November 2019

Henry is a Master Pastry Chef...

Here are some great photos of Henry and his co-workers sent to us by one of them. I always loved the joy he has when baking and I am amazed that he never ate any of it. When we would go out for dinner to a new restaurant he would order three of four desserts but only have a tiny spoonful of each and I would have to eat most of it or tear it apart so the Chef wouldn't think we didn't like it. Frankly Henry mostly thinks everything in the US is too sweet...

Henry studied with a Master Baker, George LeGrand, in Atlanta while he attended Morehouse where he got a degree in Computer Science and Dance (!!). He's been baking for nearly 40 years...


  1. That smile on that last photo is always how I imagine Henry when I think of him (and drinking a glass of Veuve at Thanksgiving). I am keeping Henry in my prayers and sending you strength Philip.

  2. Such beautiful soul, so FULL of life, I know it is very hard to see him laying there...GOD has him covered! Thank you Philip for updates! I love those pictures ❤️

  3. I love you, Henry. And the great pics of you in your element! Take care of yourself, too, Philip. I’ll text you about visiting again this weekend.

  4. Thank you for the Info and yes miss you and love you my brother get well and hope to see you baking again....


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