04 November 2019

Love from Ibiza

Non stop candle vigil on the alter in Ibiza
Our Sister, Kenya Belle, in Ibiza is praying and meditating for Henry constantly and sent me these photos of a candle vigil there. 

I am so grateful and I know Henry will be too for all the loving kindness meditation and thoughts going up for him. Henry is a spiritual person (we are opposites) and believes we are all connected. He prays and meditates for all his friends all the time and I know he will appreciate all your positive thoughts.

Robin, T and I are sitting in the lobby and waiting for updates and as soon as I get any status I'll update here.

Once again, you can leave comments here for Henry and I'll pass them on to him when he's able to read them. Thanks for all your love...
Non stop candle vigil on the alter in Ibiza

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