09 November 2019

Prayers and Chants; Crystals and Meditations...

I receive lots of texts and e-mails everyday from Henry's friends who are part of a Chant Circle (thousands of them) or a Prayer Circle in a Church; their are friends who are meditating healing and loving kindness for him and there is at least one and perhaps many more healing crystals set up for Henry all over the world.

I'm not surprise by this response. I told his doctor that everyone who meets Henry comes to believe that they are his best friend. I don't mind this because it's why I fell in love with him 30 years ago. In our travels and his associations we've met hundreds of people we consider friends and I welcome everyone to continue whatever they feel the Cosmos needs to heal him. 

His family is being updated regularly outside this website and they are actively involved with me to make sure he recovers. His employer, The Dorchester Group and the Hotel Beverly Hills are simply the best and I am grateful for their support.

Please feel free to write to him here and I will read your comments and poems to him.

Thank you again for your loving and kind support.


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