21 November 2019

Short Update—09:40

He will go in for surgery on his left foot this afternoon probably around 14hr00. 

He resting in a new room and they are taking steps to relieve his delirium which comes and goes. This is the residue of ICU Delirium caused by medications, lack of daylight and night signals, as well as sleep deprivation caused by the many tests and wakeups in during the night and day. I always tell him what time it is and in the new room he has a window where he can see daylight and the night sky. The next big thing is to get him eating and drinking by mouth. The breathing tubes were down his throat for 14 days which causes issues with swallowing. 

I'll update after the surgery...



  1. Hey Phil tell Jig that his hometown friends are still praying for him much love and keep your spirit up too

  2. Tania Thompson22/11/19 10:37

    Hey Phil, just wondering if Henry was able to take in nutrients on his own yet? Baby steps I'm sure. Also, if you could relay a message for me. Please let him know that he is in my thoughts everyday. We, my family, and I are rooting for him. I send my love.


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