03 November 2019

Status To Date

Es Vedra
Since Friday Henry has been restless and agitated due to the pain from the accident on Friday. The doctors and nurses have raised the amount of pain medicine and have sedated him so he is less restless. The nurses check on him multiple times an hour. I sit in the chair near his bed and every so often get up and talk to him and kiss his forehead.

We hoped today he could get surgery to repair his broken legs but his blood pressure remains unstable and the doctors don't want to risk what will most certainly be a four hour operation. His systems are not strong enough at this point and his legs, while serious, are the least of the problems. Hopefully tomorrow will be more successful.

The good news for today: the scan of his head indicates there is no serious injury to his brain. He is also breathing better and the nurses are reducing the respirator slowly making sure he is breathing on his own and getting enough oxygen.

Ed Vedra from Ibiza
Henry's sisters, Robin and Tiajuana are both in town and along with our good friends Pirco Pirco and Jean Kim and Liam Gaffney and Tim Calton and today our dear Eva Winchell have all been constant companions with me in the Lobby on the CC floor of the Saperstein Tower at Cedars and I've talked with many of you via text. 

Also there are people world-wide praying and chanting for Henry and I thank August Costa for his chant circle as well as Michael Costa for his deep love for Henry and his prayers and Kenya Belle for her beautiful tribute in Ibiza (one of our favorite places on Earth) and all the people Henry calls his prayer warriors who pray and meditate whether believers or not.

Tomorrow we hope he will be in a stable condition to take care of his legs. This is prelude to the bigger surgeries to come for him to fix the internal damage to his pelvis, hip, and organs.

We never take our friends and family for granted but this wonderful display of loving kindness and support moves me every time I see anyone show their love for Henry (is that too cringey?).

Please feel free to leave a comment below. I'll post in time some instructions for visits but I'll make sure Henry sees all your comments.

There will be updates daily...
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