07 November 2019

Thank You!

Grateful thanks to Henry's and my beloved friends Kenya Belle, August Costa, Michael Costa, Eva Winchell, Pirco Pirco, Jean Kim, Liam Gaffney, Tim Calton, and his wonderful sisters, Robin, Tiajuana, Tanya, Demitria, his mother BI and his many nephews and nieces and a special thanks to Quinton who helped me today and loving thanks to Karen Roth who knows us and loves us (and to Theo for his room). 

Prayers, Chants, and Crystals are all welcome...This old man thanks you with tears of gratitude. In my eyes you all are so precious.



  1. Philip, just heard the terrible news from William. What a tragedy! I will follow your blog and impatiently wait for you to let me know if there is anything I can do to help. Being an atheist, I lit a candle at St. Paul's Chapel in NY, next to the 9/11 Memorial Centre. I always to do so with someone in mind. This time, I had no one in mind. I felt blessed. I guess, this candle was meant for Henry. Both of you, be strong! X Johan

    1. Thank you Johan! As you know Henry is very fit and that's save his life so far...


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