04 November 2019

Update November 4

8:30 Update:

The good news...This morning at 8:00 Henry was taken into surgery for his legs, hip, foot, and pelvis. This is great and means that his system is stable enough for the four or five hours he will be in the OR. 

I'll keep this site posted as I get new information.

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Art by Theo
This came via WhatsApp from the Roth family: Theo, Hank, Issac, and Karen. Henry made a cake for Theo's birthday dinner at the Hotel Beverly Hills. He will love it when I show it to him.

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  1. Henry- I love you baby boy- I know you are happy those tubes are out- i'll be there whenever you want- NO RUSH WHATSOEVER- you are in all chants in now 9 counties- i love you my brother- August


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