10 December 2019

12.10 Morning Update—08:45

Henry will have some plastic surgery today to repack his deep wound on the left side and a skin graft on the wound on his right side. These are pretty quick operations to take place this afternoon sometime after 13:00. 

He slept OK last night but the powerful drug Methadone caused him to be delirious a bit and he complained to me he didn't like it. But he was alert enough to know what happened.

Yesterday the young resident Doctor David Gotstein stopped in and was amazed at how good Henry looked. He took great care of Henry while in the ICU for 20 days. Henry was all smiles.

Be fierce and thrive...

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  1. Tania Thompson10/12/19 17:38

    Henry is incredibly blessed to have access to great care there at Cedars. It's of great comfort to me. He is such an inspiration to us all with his positive attitude and sense of awareness. Please tell him that he is in my mind, heart and prayers. Everyday. XOXOXO


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