31 December 2019

12.31 On The Eve of the New Year...

Watching Wendy Williams with Henry
I don’t watch much TV but Henry loves Wendy Williams so we watch it everyday at 11AM. I like sitting next to him and laughing along side while we watch the celebrity silliness.

This is New Year’s Eve and Henry wants me to stay with him tonight even though there’s no place to sleep. I realized that he doesn’t know what the place looks like or what the accommodations are like here. Even at Cedars he couldn’t understand why it took so long to get fresh water and ice; I made a video walking down the hall 25 yards to get the water and ice and showed it to him, then he understood. I’m going to do the same thing here so he has an idea of the space. Hopefully soon he will be able to move around the space himself in a wheelchair. He starts PT after tomorrow but the therapist is stopping by today to see him. His spirits are good most of the time. He needs to begin to move and work his body and is impatient to begin. This is a good sign and I am happy to see it so soon after the accident.

Day 60

Be fierce and thrive

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