01 December 2019

Sitting Outside...

When I take a coffee or food break I like sit in the bamboo garden between the North Tower and the Saperstein ICU. It's lovely and quiet in the evening: when the wind blows the bamboo plants there is a comforting rattle that calms me and helps me reflect. It's a nice spot few visitors know about and instead they sit in the rather dingy lobby/waiting rooms of the hospital. Even though the furniture is comfortable I still find these rooms oppressive and not good for me to get my mind at peace.

I've found there are lots of places where people can sit and reflect. There is a lot of public art around the various squares and plazas too; I like to walk around these spaces: being in the moment; listening to the sounds of a city alive with people and machines; I like to look at the staff and visitors hurrying to an appointment or work or to see a loved one. In these moments I try not to remember the past or plan for the future only the present moment; then I am released from pain.

Cedars-Sinai in Beverly Hills has some extraordinary pieces. This Is a Henry Moore and while I’m not the best judge of sculpture I really love this one. It’s called Three-part Reclining Figure. Of course Moore is one of the most important of the Post-War artists working in large scale bronze pieces.

Or this piece by Jonathon Borofsky, Molecule Man. Both of these pieces are in a garden of succulents and beach grasses. There are also little water fountains that are lighted with LEDs that change colors as the water gentle burbles like springs. Yesterday I made a short video of the fountains and the gardens. There are bamboo plants and desert grasses throughout the sculpture garden making it a comforting and healing environment. Many of these pieces are important works and all celebrate humanity and the human condition.

I also like to sit here in this space while having a late afternoon coffee...It's a beautiful useable sculpture and I've not been able to find out who designed it. There are a few places like this one and I often find myself alone in these spaces.  

There is also an extensive painting collection here on each of the floors in the towers. I've seen paintings and prints by Picasso and Oldenburg and many others. I'll document some of these pieces in another post.

Be fierce and thrive!

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