13 January 2020

01.13 Day 72

Today PT started again and Scott, his therapist, sat Henry up on the edge of the bed again and put some weight on his right foot. Henry handled the exercise very well and sat up by himself for about 15 minutes. He had to sit himself up and he did it without asking for help, but it was a struggle. I’m so very proud of this man and his strong will.

After laying down again Scott worked on stretching his right leg muscles and ankle. After about 30 minutes he was exhausted. Tomorrow he will get in the wheelchair again and go to the gym. 

He also had speech therapy. The therapist told him to take time off talking as the strain was too much for now. He talked all weekend and needed a break.

This is exhausting for both of us, I won’t lie to you. I leave at the end of the day too tired for words and yet I have to work on writing and answering emails for another two or four hours depending on how much time I get during the day.

Be fierce and thrive...



  1. Tania Thompson15/1/20 09:02

    So happy to hear he is progressing like he is. I admire his strength of will and determination. It sounds like the staff there are already getting to know him and getting to see just how special he is. Please tell him I think of him often and dearly.
    All of my love, Tania

  2. I am smiling with joy! I am so proud of you my friend...it is that ram in you that keep that push going! Keep up the great work Gig we 😍


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