06 February 2020

02.06 Latest News—Day 95

I've been absent from the weblog for a reason: Henry and I were waiting for more information to share with our friends and family. Over the last ten days Henry developed an infection on his left hip; on Sunday the site burst and drained a lot of infected debris; once drained, the wound-care doctor looked at it and decided to take cultures and start Henry on a regimen of antibiotics. 

This is potentially serious. Henry will be transported sometime soon back to Cedars for the orthopedic surgeon to look at his hip and perform a CT-scan to see if the infection is attached to the hardware in his hip and thigh. If it is then he will need major surgery to remove the hardware. There is a possibility that the infection is superficial and can be treated with antibiotics. If there is surgery it could add many weeks to his recovery. He is progressing with physical therapy rapidly and this would put a stop to that. Needless-to-say we are both anxious but hopeful that the infection is not related to the metal implants. Our attitude during this time is positive. Of course, your support and love carry both of us and we welcome your notes, videos, and comments along with your prayers, best thoughts, and chants.

He will remain at Kindred until we have a plan from the orthopedic surgeon at Cedars-Sinai.

Be fierce and thrive!



  1. Oh dammit. I hope the infection is superficial. My thoughts are with you both and I look forward to an update as soon as you know more.

  2. my prayers are with you both, I hope this is a superficial infection because I want my friend to get better ASAP no set backs, God Please, Love you both.

    Love Kathleen

  3. Thinking good thoughts that the antibiotics will be all that's necessary. Wishing you both strength and good news!

  4. Tania Thompson7/2/20 11:30

    I am sorry to hear about this set back. The folks at Cedars are well equipped and capable folks. Hang in there love, leave it to them to deal with this issue. You are doing your best and they will do their best. Try and not worry about the things that you can not control or change. You will get through this Henry. Nature does not contain a storm that never ends. This too shall pass. Love ya to bits. Tania Thompson

  5. Continue praying,know that we love you both!


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