11 April 2020

04.11—Henry is Home!!

On this beautiful day, Henry is home at last. Quinton and I are tending to him and he begins his at-home physical therapy on Monday. 

Of course we can't accept visitors yet but he is taking phone calls and texts from his friends.

This is the next phase of our journey and I am optimistic for his recovery even though we both know there is a long way to go. Your support, prayers, chants, and meditations are welcome!

We are sheltering in quarantine and wish everyone good health and peace during this difficult time. 

Be fierce and thrive...

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  1. Anonymous11/4/20 09:33

    A beautiful day indeed. Continued warm thoughts, prayers and meditations for you both! I hope your days are filled with progress, joy, laughter and unconditional love, as always! ~ fondly Carrie Lynn


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