18 November 2019

Afternoon Update—14:15

The nursing staff and doctors spent most of today preparing him for the VAT surgery this afternoon. It should take about two hours I imagine. He's scheduled for 16:30 PST.

The professional medical staff at Cedars is far superior to any group of nurses and doctors I've experienced. They are giving him the best care possible. 

He asked today that I read some short stories to him and I picked the James Baldwin collection "Going to Meet the Man" which is a great set of stories.


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  1. Hi Philip, it’s Katelyn again, you met my husband and I in Paris when we all had lunch together.Thank you for being so vigilant about keeping all of us updated on Henry’s recovery. It’s obvious that he is incredibly loved by all. I am praising God everyday that he is recovering well! Give my love to Henry and yourself!!


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