18 November 2019


Henry is doing much better. Doctor Bluen just told us the MRCA is cleared from his blood and they will mostly knock any Staph infection out with the pulmonary procedure today (though he will continue on his antibiotics for some time to come.

He's also taking charge of his care and I'm happy to see this because it means to me that he is back to managing his life. He's resting today to prepare for the surgery today and tomorrow; his temperature is down to 100-101.

I am greatly encouraged...

Today I'll read some of the many comments and messages he's received over the last 15 days. Thank you for commenting and caring for Henry. Please keep him top of mind until he fully recovers.

—Ph/H (Philip)


  1. Please tell him I said hello, we all miss him at work, and I know he is gonna get much better. Specially because I know he is a person of faith. I thank God he is much better. 🙏🙏🙏

  2. It's me Juan from work.


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