20 December 2019

12.20 Friday Afternoon

Henry in Paris
As I mentioned in a post yesterday, Henry is now on the 7th floor of Cedars-Sinai where the Orthopedic team is located. We are getting ready to transfer to Kindred Acute Rehab Hospital in Los Angeles sometime on or before next Friday. This will be the rehab facility he will stay at for about four weeks before moving to a long term rehab facility to learn to walk and move about. This is great progress and we are both keen for this to start.

His attitude is very positive and he really basks in the love and support everyone gives him. Even people from Cedars stop in to see his smile and encourage him to thrive—as you know his smile has the power to heal other people and warm their souls. My husband is a truly remarkable man.

Today is day 49
Be fierce and thrive...


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