19 December 2019

12.19 Close of Day

We go to bed early around here, mostly because Henry is awakened at 4:30AM each morning for a sponge bath and at 5AM for dressing changes. Since I sleep next to him I'm awake too, so I help with the tasks. This is the new view from our window. I like the many triangles in the view as well as the great trapezoid that makes the frame. While it's chaotic it somehow makes me peaceful when I look at it. Beauty is everywhere...

Today is day 48 here at Cedars-Sinai. Henry is still asleep and I doubt he will wake up again until tomorrow morning since he's not really slept in two days. I'm turning in to read "A Bookstore in Berlin" which I love so far. If you haven't heard of it look it up: it's about how one fierce woman made her way out of Nazi occupied France in 1942 and thrived. It's a memoire; a melancholy reminder to us all how it can happen again.

Be fierce and thrive...

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