19 December 2019

12.19 A Moving Day...

This morning I learned that the doctor taking care of his leg wanted to insert a filter into a vein in his stomach to catch any blood clots from his right leg. He's off blood thinners for now and this is to reduce that risk. It took very little time to perform the procedure so this is me waiting in the 7th floor waiting lobby for him to be moved to his room. I also learned that the Orthopedic team wants him on the 7th floor where much of the ortho physical therapy is located. Not a problem! It's a nice room with lots more space and a bed for me instead of the recliner I've been in for 48 days. 

While I waited next to him we were in the X-Ray room with this fantastic looking machine. This camera is state of the art X-Ray and is nearly brand new. I love the organic look—almost like a space monster. It cost several million dollars...pretty cool. Cedars-Sinai has lots of new equipment mostly gifts from donors and corporate sponsors. I can't imagine what a place like this costs to run on an annual basis.
View from a bridge...
Here is a view from one of the bridges going between the South and North towers of the hospital. It's a lovely day here in Los Angeles.

With this move to the seventh floor we are getting ready to move into a transitional rehab facility for four to six weeks to prepare for a more intense rehabilitation program that will last several months more. Both Henry and I are excited to begin the next stage of this journey. 

Please keep us in your thoughts...

Be fierce and thrive!


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