23 December 2019


Today the chef leadership from the Beverly Hills Hotel made a surprise visit to Henry's room and brought lots of food and treats for us and the floor staff here on the 7th floor. We shared some of these treats with the ICU nurses as well as the nurses on the 6th floor. I am so grateful for their display of affection for Henry. Thank you to all his beloved co-workers. Henry loves his job and the Hotel Beverly Hills where he has worked for 25 years. Thank you from us to you all. There was a huge amount of fried chicken and veggies as well as biscuits and of course treats! I know the nursing staff and clinical partners enjoyed the food as did we! 

The book and the bear are signed by his friends/coworkers at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Be fierce and thrive...!

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  1. Tania Thompson24/12/19 08:12

    This warms my heart so much!! The Beverly Hills Hotel family has always been so wonderful. Henry is appreciated, loved and missed tremendously at The Pink Palace I'm sure. My hats off to the staff for such a considerate gesture. I have the best memories of working there with Henry that I cherish and keep in my heart. I love ya buddy. Keep on keeping on one day at a time. XOXOXO Tania


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