24 December 2019

12.24 Christmas Eve...

My lap is my studio
Writing has always been the way I ground myself. I've kept notebooks and journals since I was eleven years old and I still have many of these books. Writing gives me a rhythm to measure time. These days I write whenever Henry is sleeping or watching television here in the hospital. It's been the way I not only pass the time but the only way I have to make sense of what has happened to him and us. This is not just a record of events but of my emotional health as well during his recovery. Sometime in the future I'll look through this weblog and my digital notebook to discover our journey. I made hundreds of photographs as well so I can document our journey.

For the past week Henry has been able to sleep soundly through the night. He's managing the pain but it is still a major factor in his day. He does about two hours a day of physical therapy on his right leg. The nurses change the dressing on the wounds twice a day at which time we have to move him around and it causes him a lot of pain. For the most part the nurses are kind and gentle and I'm there to make sure he's comfortable.

Today is Christmas Eve and I'm grateful for his life, the best present I could ask for from anybody. He's received beautiful flowers and a wonderful box of fruit as well as other presents of love from friends and colleagues.

Both Henry and I are focused on the present and what it takes to get to the next minute but we look forward to spending time with all our friends wherever we may be in the future.

Day 53

All the best,

Be fierce and thrive...


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