01 January 2020

01.01.2020 A Good Day ...

Today is the first writing day of the new year! The posts on this weblog are just a small part of the writing I do everyday following Henry’s life in the hospital. Since the day of his accident I’ve kept a detailed journal of not only his recovery but of my own journey through this experience. I hope to be done with this journal sometime this summer and be able to report to you all with pictures and text Henry’s recovery. It will take years for him to fully recover but I hope he will be able to return to some sense of normal in the not too distant future. Until then I continue to write for hours everyday and evening.

Today he met with three doctors one of whom is his pain specialist who seems to have conquered, with Methadone, the persistent pain Henry has felt. The he had a 30 minute session with Scot his Physical Therapist who exercised his legs and arms. I was surprised at how pain free the right leg seems now and really surprised to see him lift his left leg so far in the air without much strain. This is a big improvement as it was the left leg that was amputated below the knee.

He then met with the speech pathologist who went through a series of breathing exercises that were akin to a Mindful Meditation practice that we both perform. She indicated that she often teaches mindful breathing and meditation to people in the hospital and I mentioned the work of Jon Kabat-Zinn She knew his work. I’m happy she is a practitioner of his work. This will be an important part of both Henry’s and my recovery.

Friends also visited today as well as our nephew Quinton. So far it’s been a good start to the new year.

Please call us before you visit as Henry may be tired.

In 2020 be fierce and thrive...


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  1. Thinking of Henry and you as I look toward a new year. I hope the best for us all.



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