02 January 2020

01.02 Afternoon...

The entire third world has better wifi than this place.

A really good day again. Henry had a 20 minute session with the physical therapist who worked him out hard with leg lifts and arm exercises. He was exhausted after the workout. Then the occupational therapist came in to work on his fine motor skills with his hands (he brushed his teeth and is doing some exercises to strengthen his right arm). Finally the speech therapist ran us through some vocal exercises to strengthen his vocal cords. Henry is talking more and is beginning to sound much more like him self. I can’t wait until I hear him sing again...he has such a lovely voice.

These good days are great for both of us, our morale is very high after these sessions. He continues to improve in strength everyday. 

He’s looking forward to seeing his family tomorrow.

Day 62 

Be fierce and thrive...


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