07 January 2020

01.07 Update

Kindred Hospital
Kindred Hospital
Here are the grounds in front of the Hospital. When Henry is ready I’ll be able to take him for a little sun. He sat up for the first time since Christmas Day but this time the PTs made him sit up on his own with very little help. He was able to sit straight up without support for five minutes and then lay back down on his back. I had tears in my eyes watching this man struggle then lift himself to sit upright...it was a great sight. Today he also exercised and strengthen the muscles in his left shoulder and arm. He’s getting stronger each day.

I also observed the wound-care nurse change the dressing on the wound on his left side and I couldn’t believe the improvement there; he is almost healed up completely and the wound is now superficial. At this rate it should be closed in two weeks. It’s impossible to say how long we will be here at Kindred: he’s making great progress but has a long way to go before he can go to final Rehab. He will become more and more independent each day.

A Word About Visiting...

I know many of you want to visit Henry now that we are out of acute care. Henry asks that you please be patient with him for another week or so as he needs to focus on rehab. His family was here for three days and he enjoyed seeing them and a few friends who have been with us since the first day of his hospitalization stop by, but visits exhaust him. When he is stronger in a week or so I’ll let folks know here on the weblog. Please text us or call before you visit as he often has appointments at Cedars and we will be away from the hospital with very little notice. Thank you for understanding.

Be fierce and thrive


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