08 January 2020

This Happened Today...

This happened today...I watched in awe as Henry was sat up and then transferred to a wheel chair. It was not without pain but after a short break sitting in the chair he wheeled himself the thirty yards or so to the PT gym. As he wheeled through the halls all the nurses and assistants yelled “Hi Henry” and applauded his effort. He was working hard but grinned at everyone and totally charmed them.

Once in the gym he tried to stand up using the parallel bars but the pain was too much to stand today. But he showed tremendous willingness to work through the pain. One of the PT said under his breath: That’s one tough cookie...of course yours truly cried with joy. As his reward we wheeled him outside to sit for ten minutes in the sun. 

What a great day!
Day 67
Be fierce and thrive!


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  1. This warms my heart. He must have been so delighted to be out in the fresh air and sun.


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