09 January 2020

01.09 Day 68

Today was a slow day after so much work yesterday: Henry experienced a lot of pain and didn’t get much sleep. Much of the pain I understand is nerve pain and is caused by the nerves growing back. But today he did sit up on the edge of the bed again and did some balance exercise. He also put some light weight on his right leg and foot which are very tender.

Tomorrow we go back to Cedars-Sinai for a check up with the plastic surgeon and perhaps meet with the Orthopedic doctors. We’ll travel by ambulance.

One of the doctors told him he needs to eat 90 grams of protein a day and so I’m looking for cases of Premier Protein drinks in Chocolate, Carmel, and Oreo flavors. I’m going to the Target that is local to the hospital.

Be fierce and thrive...


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