25 January 2020

01.25 Day 84

Yesterday we found out that our insurance will cover our preferred rehab center. Now Henry has to get in shape to withstand intensive physical therapy for more than three hours at a stretch. He spent a couple of hours in the wheelchair and wheeled about a tenth of a mile around the parking lot of the hospital; this strengthens his arms and builds endurance. In the afternoon his PT, Scott, had him up and standing several times for over a minute which is the longest time to date he’s been able to stand. His knee is painful but he needs fewer pain meds than a week ago to tolerate the strain. He still needs to be lifted and supported but he is standing! I wish I could show you video of his progress, he is amazing and so focused on getting well. Henry is an inspiration to me.

I am hopeful. We are beginning to see the distant end to his immediate suffering; I know it will take him many more long hours of therapy to understand and overcome his limitations.

This is a painful journey for both of us. I try not to anticipate the future anymore knowing that anything can happen and to try and be prepared is useless. The best I can do is to focus on the present and take care not to judge what has happened. To breathe and not judge.

Henry is fierce and thriving.


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  1. Tania Thompson31/1/20 04:42

    Kudos to both of you fellas!! I am so pleased to read about the strength of your mental state. You are absolutely right about being present in the present time. After all, that is all we have. It is what we do in the present time that dictates our future. A wise man one said that, It's not your situation that's the problem, it's your attitude towards the situation. After all, we can't change our situations but we can change how we deal with them. I'm not making light of what you both are going through, please understand. I am aware of this journey to be a painful to you both, especially my dearest Henry. Please tell him that he is an inspiration to me and he occupies my thoughts & prayers. Much love, Tania Thompson


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