15 February 2020

02.15—Real Progress!

On Friday Henry and I traveled by ambulance to Cedars-Sinai Orthopedic Center for an appointment with Dr. Moon, the original surgeon who took care of his broken body. After x-rays and examination of the blood work the doctor told us the hip infection was "superficial" and not a problem with his full recovery. To say we were relieved would be an understatement and we went back to Kindred Hospital very happy indeed!

It's too soon to know what the next steps will be but I imagine once the antibiotic protocol is complete and Henry can withstand the physical therapy we will be released to the acute rehab facility (we are hoping it will be California Rehab Institute in Century City). This is great news!!

It's the weekend and Henry is resting and taking visitors while I do the laundry and rest for the week to come. I am grateful for the many friends who expressed concern and kind, loving thoughts for Henry and me.

Be fierce and thrive...!



  1. Anonymous16/2/20 05:53

    Great news indeed!

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    1. Deleted as typed on phone and full of typos
      This is legible. Just woke up.
      Dearest Philip
      What a journey for you both. you and Henry have come such a long way. I’m happy this last ambulance ride and results were so positive. Henry is strong and so are you and so is your love.

  3. Tania Thompson17/2/20 08:06

    This is very good news indeed! Hang in there buddy, you'll be back in track in no time. Dr. Moon sounds like a swell guy and I'm happy to hear he's taking such good care of ya. Sending love & healing vibes. XOXOXO


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