19 February 2020

02.19—We've Moved!

Yesterday morning our case worker at Kindred informed us that a bed had opened at California Rehabilitation Institute and that we had to move ASAP. By 3:30 that afternoon we were at CRI in room 419 and getting settled in. This is major progress for Henry's rehabilitation and I am eager for him to start today.

CRI is perhaps the best institution of its kind in the US and I am happy we got to jump ahead of the waiting list. Henry will miss his PT and OT team at Kindred; they did a remarkable job getting him motivated to succeed and we are both grateful to them all. In a future post I'll name them all and give other shout outs to the kind folks who took care of Henry and put up with my badgering.

This is the next chapter...be fierce and thrive, Henry!!



  1. Anonymous20/2/20 13:52

    "Every chapter has its end BUT THEN every end has a new beginning." My love and positive vibes to both you and Henry on your journey together. Fondly ... Carrie

  2. Tania Thompson21/2/20 07:11

    Wow! You guys are in one of the best institutions of its kind; that's impressive! What a blessing. This makes my day. I'm so happy to hear that Henry is getting the best care available. I'ts important to acknowledge our blessings in the mists of this incredibly challenging time. Better things are in the horizon dear. I send my everlasting love & well wishes. XOXOXO Tania


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