03 April 2020

04.03—Nearly Home...

This is the "home" stretch! Henry's release date is 9 April probably in the morning. I am very happy he will be back at home soon. There will be champagne and laughter.

Henry is progressing very well and is walking with the walking frame and getting stronger by the day. But this journey is not over; he will have many months of home and outpatient therapy to improve his mobility so his life can return to normalcy. I wish we could have a big party but alas we are all still in quarantine and need to isolate ourselves—the last thing we want is for him to get sick with this virus. I urge everyone to stay safe and don't go out in public without protection.

Stay safe and be fierce and thrive!!


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  1. Anonymous5/4/20 08:59

    Such wonderful news for you and Henry! A wonderful celebration indeed! ((HUGS))


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