05 April 2020

04.05—How Are You?

From my walk down Los Feliz

How are you? 

These three words usually mean nothing and are said instead of "Hello"; today these three words carry meaning: this simple sentence is a powerful act of kindness and human tenderness.

This sentence carries no subtext. 
It is direct.
It is not subtle. 
It no longer means, "Hello."

Saying this sentence to friends and strangers alike is an act of outreach. It is an example of our humanity. 

Now more than ever before we are called to act as a community of individuals who care for each other. Now what is most important is human tenderness...

How are you?

Be fierce and thrive...

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  1. Anonymous5/4/20 16:25

    My family and I are fine, thank you for asking. I anxiously await for updates to your mémoire regarding Henry's and your journey. I keep you both in my thoughts and prayers. Your message today is worth sharing with many. I will be spreading the message. Thank you. Fondly, Carrie PS continued warm wishes and ((HUGS)) for Henry and you.


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